Welcome to the Solano County Reentry Resources website! 

This website is maintained by the Solano Reentry Council, who came into existence through the recognition of a need in our community to collaborate and coordinate reentry services.  Our coalition began in 2006 and is comprised of representatives from agencies and organizations currently providing services to the residents of Solano County, California.  Together, we have hundreds of years of cumulative experience in fields directly related to criminal justice and reentry, and this website serves as the central location to find resources and learn more about what the Solano County Reentry Council is doing to strengthen our community.

Our Resources (Resources) is a cumulative list of services in Solano County for reentry men and women and their families.  Ranging from child care to housing, job skills training to substance abuse rehabilitation, education and employment, a wide variety of services are available both on the website and in booklet form to address needs for reentry clients.

More detailed information about the Solano County Reentry Council (Reentry Council), including a list of current Council members, meeting minutes, the Strategic Plan, and By-Laws are available for public view.  We welcome members of the public to join us for our Senior Reentry Council meetings, which can be found along with other reentry and community events under Announcements (“Announcements”).

The Women’s Reentry Achievement Program (WRAP) is a specific program funded through the Second Chance Act Grant for gender-specific counseling, rehabilitation, and services that is provided through a collaborative effort with Solano County Health and Social Services, Youth and Family Services, and Mission Solano Rescue Mission.  Check out WRAP (“WRAP”) for more information and a referral form to recommend someone you know to the program.

We welcome any feedback or further information on reentry resources not included on our website so that we can serve as the comprehensive source for resources and services for men and women reentering Solano County.  Together, we can forge a positive change in system delivery of services in currently and formally incarcerated persons and their families.




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