"Welcome to Solano County Re-entry Resources"

The Solano Reentry Council Board has created this website to help those reentering Solano County and their families so our community can grow united and stronger.  Our goal is to provide you with the tools needed for a healthy, successful life for you and your family in your hometown.

On the tabs above you will find Resources For You, updated regularly to address reentry needs, ranging from child care to housing, job skills training to substance abuse rehabilitation, education to employment, and a wide variety of services for reentry men and women and their families. In addition, the Reentry Council Board will post new and upcoming Jobs for You announcements and fairs specifically designed to help with employment.  The Your Events tab contains a calendar for other events throughout Solano County.

The Women’s Reentry Achievement Program (W.R.A.P.) is funded through the Second Chance Act Grant for female-specific counseling, rehabilitation, and services that is provided through a collaborative effort with Solano County Health and Social Services, Youth and Family Services, and Mission Solano Rescue Mission.  Click on the tab Reentry for Women for more information and a referral form to recommend someone you know to the program.

You can also learn more about the Solano County Reentry Council and How We Help, including a list of current Council member agencies, meeting minutes, and the projects we are working on to better connect the reentering community. Our blog highlights news and information in Your Reentry Community throughout the country.
We welcome feedback or further information on reentry resources not included on our website so that we can serve as the comprehensive source for resources and services for men and women reentering Solano County. Together, we can forge a positive change in system delivery of services in currently and formally incarcerated persons and their families.